Matt reckons people who use the same nickname on each website are mad as it makes it easy to view their different profiles. It always makes me laugh when people have ‘safer sex – always’ on one website and a profile on Not sure how they think that is safer but anyway. I do tend to use the same nickname on each site – but having taken his advice recently set up a new profile with a departure from the tried and tested eightlettersuk/8lettersuk theme. The only major problem I have now of course is remembereing the username when I go to login ;o)
While we are on the subject of usernames another thing I forget is that I have millions of email addresses based on my work. So occaisionally I’ll email someone from an obscure test account forgetting I’m not using my main account. Oh how it makes people laugh when they get mail from SouthLondonSW16. The other email mistake is obviously not going to make it into the public domain. Unless of course you know Matt and then he’ll no doubt have already told you.