So eBay take out a full pae advert in Metro today saying they are having a Christmas Treasure Hunt. The code word for today is ‘REINDEER’ and that you should use your ingenuity to try to win a designer watch every two hours!
So doing a quick search for reindeer (as you do) I came across a man selling ‘reindeer food’ surely a scam. Then of course there is item number 5942611997 which is definitely a scam and only one of many spammers trying to cash in on eBay’s advertising I guess. It’s titled ‘Turn ?3 ($5) into ?10,000 ($18,000) This really Works – Try it for yourself ‘
So until eBay puts a report this auction now button I gess people are still gooing to be worried about fraud. Moreover new people looking at eBay because of their advertising are going to be getting mixed messaging.