Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in some of my friends to look at a uniform before they look at the person in it. Okay so some of them have always been like that but it seems to be getting worse.
Now I’ve noticed that even though I have never really been into the whole ‘fireman uniform’ or ‘sportskit’ look I’ve begun to use phrases like ‘ooh firemen’ when a fire engine whizzes past.
Who says your friends don’t affect your behaviour!
Tuesday for instance. Mike and I were on our way home when I wandered up the platform so we could get on the carriage with the guys in shorts. It was obviously a football training night or something. I mean I know I’ve been to my own fair share of sports kit nights but it’s not because I am really into it. More because all of my friends seem to want to go there.
So anyway back to the fireman uniform. Matt and David were discussing wearing theirs to Pride in the Park at the weekend. I think they have decided against it now. Matt mentioned though that searching for ‘fireman uniform’ brings my site up. Quite why he was searching when he already has one only he can answer 😉 Although he isn’t as bad as Ben who sits and bids on items via text message on eBay.