I was in Paris at the weekend. Well Saturday night actually. It sounds like a romantic extravagant gesture. It wasn’t πŸ˜‰

Essentially 4 friends have birthdays around the same time. I only knew one of the birthday boys and a few of the forty people going. Mark one of the birthday boys works for eurostar and so we got a very good deal on our trip. We had an entire coach to ourselves and it was just as well I can tell you. With only 1 girl that made 39 boyz ready for a night out.

Mike and I arrived at Waterloo with bubbly and wine raring to go. (okay so not exactly raring but ready). We met Matt and David and a few others before fighting our way through the crowds of desperate people trying to get last minute tickets due to a flash strike by BA staff at Heathrow. We briefly considered selling our tickets for an obscene profit and going into soho but soon we were checked in and spotting the others who we though might make up the party.

Starting early with beers, fizz and wine on the train. Lots of it ended up on people and the floor but a fair proportion ended up making us fairly merry by the time we arrived in Paris. Despite Mark egging us to join ‘The Mile Under Club’ (eurostars equivalent to the mile high club) and the fact that the baby change room had ample space to make joining fun and hassle free we managed to restrain ourselves. Well most of us did at any rate! Plus we only have 20 minutes of being in the tunnel and it simply is not enough time for some of us πŸ˜‰

Mark truly was a star what with complimentary tickets to the lounges and pre buying metro tickets, we breezed through Gare du Nord and headed off into the balmy summer evening in Paris.

Lovely meal at a 4 star hotel (with more booze) before heading to the bars. Yet more booze and some cute french boyz later we headed off to le Depot for some dancing and some cruising. Boy was there some cruising! The rest of he night was a blur of music and naked flesh before we headed out into the quiet of a Sunday Paris morning. We arrived back at Gare du Nord almost 12 hours later we had arrived and made short work of the croissants and coffee in the lounge. Despite not having had any sleep the group managed to break only one glass and burn two slices of toast in the lounge.

The coach on the return journey was a lot more subdued than the way out. I think the baby change room got more use though πŸ˜‰

So that was pretty much my weekend. Next weekend it’s Pride in the Park. So we’ll see how that goes! Then of course there is Brighton Pride, Manchester Pride, Edinburgh Festival and the list goes on. I love summer πŸ˜‰

Pics to follow courtesy of David