Some fuckers decided that not content with what they had in the world they would go and steal something of mine. So they broke into my car, breaking the door in the process so it no longer clses flush. They also broke the steering column in an inept attempt to steal the whole car. I never keep anything of value in the car so basically they have managed to cause a lot of heartache and damage and got nothing. At least they went away empty handed I guess.
I should realy report it to the police but since it is only insured third party I can’t be bothered (no wonder it looks like Labour are winning the war on crime).
the really annoying bit is I hardly ever use the car. I just had it put through an MOT and was about to tax it. In fact I have not driven it since it was at the garage so it was still parked where they left it. So I need to tax it and then get a quote to see how much it will cost to fix – no doubt much more than the value – or how much I will use it.
I am a public transport boy normally – but occasionally, just occaisionally it is really convenient to use a car, going to Liverpool, going to the supermarket etc.