I have lived in London for the past 13 years and never ever have I met anyone at ?Eros? in Piccadilly Circus before. So when Dave suggested meeting there I thought how strange. When he suggested 10pm I thought OMG but it?s a school night!
Some might think this was a romantic gesture. I am a realist though and figure it?s just where foreigners meet each other. It?s a well recognised landmark. Like meeting at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
This was borne out partly when I met up with the other Dave and we realised simultaneously that we were the only 2 british people at the statue. About 20 minutes later the rest of the gang arrived with feeble excuses for lateness.
By the time we ensconced ourselves in the bar there was barely time for one drink and a photo/video shoot before we split up and went our separate ways.
Paulie, Dave, Dave and myself headed south the the 2 brewers for more drinks. Finally to home where I had the pleasure of entertaining the young antipodean before he heads off to American shores.
Completely forgot to give him his Kylie water and CD that Simon had given him the first time he left. I’ll have to pack them for San Francisco now.