Sunday night I dreamt that jonathan & marky, scally & rick, spence & glen, nic & vianney with andrew, dave and myself in tow had gone to the supermarket to buy supplies for christmas as we were all spending it together at my parents house.

we were all arguing which spirits and champagne to buy and whether to fly to liverpool or get a train.

and then somehow we were already in liverpool and had ended up at a bowling alley playing in the dark with glowing bowling balls and lots of semi naked staff with there tops off with dodgy elevator muzac versions of christmas carols but with a distinctly almighty records kind of beat. the bar had a viewing gallery overlooking us and loads of my family were there watching us all play but they all had evening wear on and sipping champagne.

last night pretty much the same crew featured in my dreams again but this time we were putting up christmas decorations and planning to watch a dvd projected onto one of the walls but scally had insisted on putting a holly wreath in the middle of the wall we were going to use as a screen so we watched the movie with a big lump of holly in the middle and then the adverts came on [even though we were watching a dvd] and it was an advert for A&F and jonathan and I got all excited and everyone else was booing. so we went off into the kitchen to sulk and drank all the champagne and it wasn’t christmas yet so everyone else was upset we had drunk all the champagne and we had none for a toast with dinner and jonathan just told them to use baileys irish cream instead. the problem there was that scally and rick had taken that to their room the night before [all 12 bottles of it – I kid you not] and used it to have a bath or something.

I think I’m a little disturbed at the moment…

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