maybe I am being paranoid but I’m sick again – coughing yet again and breathless 🙁 I hate this year – I feel like I haven’t been well since the summer – I know this really isn’t true but that’s how it feels at the moment.

So not been online much and no updates either.

With my boss off on her honeymoon though I am a little worried work is piling up in my absence.

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  1. Poor boy. I know how you feel. Today is the first day I’ve felt normal in a week. I’ve got tons of energy suddenly. But I know this is only the first cold/flu thing of the season for me. I get them all. You stay home, drink lots of liquids (not vodka, that does not count) and get your rest. If you need anything it’s only short flight and I can be there in half a day or so. Just let me know. XXOO

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