lovely weekend up in the grim north – very relaxing.

I wish my mum had mentioned however that the party I was going up for [my grandad’s 90th birthday] was happening on the friday night not the saturday night as they had planned – as it was Andrew, sprogg and I arrived around midnight just in time to have the entire family join us for drinks.

Now don’t get me wrong I love seeing all of my family – just not in the same place at the same time – poor Chris was very quiet – a little overwhelmed.

Then to make matters worse my parents house was completely full – and that is quite difficult to imagine – it has 10 bedrooms [really it does] so Chris ended up on a sofa in one of the lounges and Andrew and I ended up sharing a bed for the first time in ages.

Now all those times I wanted him to share a bed at my parents we were put in seperate rooms let alone seperate beds and this time my mother sees fit to put us in the same bed gah!

So saturday we took the dogs [jack came up with one of andrew’s] for a walk on our rollerblades and it made a nice change to see gaps between houses and roads without cars parked on them.

In the afternoon Andrew went off for a disco nap so Chris and I took my cousin stephen into the village on the blades and then for a bit of a bender down to the coastguards station at Hall Road and past my old school [Manor High in Crosby]. By the evening we managed to eat a chines banquet – it was a definite fend for yourself meal with some people missing out on the good stuff!

then andrew and I went for drinks to a local pub to meet some of my old friends which was fun – catching up on what they had all been up to. getting the gossip of the last few months and making plans for trips down to london – since my brother is in surrey not singapore now seems more people want to venture south!

Andrew got a little tipsy and we headed on back to my parents.

Sunday was a little more of an adventure with sprogg deciding to get into the scouse spirit and having the police turn up at my parents house.

He had been firing my dad’s air rifle at targets in the back garden and had somehow managed to hit the church and put out a window [during their rememberance service]. So he now has a new nickname – thug – which suits him quite well and he has agreed to donate his next 6 months pocket money to the church fund.

then we wandered into liverpool and did the albert dock thing with keith and carol – including the tate gallery which had an inordinate amount of penises on display.

so that was it the weekend in scouseland – lots of fresh sea air and thuggery!

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