VeriSign, internet body declare truce

VeriSign and an internet-over-sight body have reached a ‘truce’ after
disagreeing over VeriSign’s new service that exploits errors users make
when typing web addresses. VeriSign has temporarily halted the service,
called SiteFinder, that steers users who type an incorrect address to a
VeriSign search engine. This comes after a formal demand from the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers a non-profit group that
oversees the internet address system. The trouble began when some critics
claimed VeriSign’s service was disrupting normal functioning of some
internet applications, a claim the company denies. VeriSign executive VP
of the naming and service group said, “clearly there are those who think
the network is sacrosanct and you can’t do anything with it”.
Actually I think you’ll find that most people were outraged at the abuse of power and that instead of simply using it to provide a ‘sorry this domain does not exist’ 404 style error page they marketed it and sold advertising and gambling.