weekend review

Saturday saw me in Brixton with Oliver again – getting mightily hammered and talking sex and girlfriends and stuff.
Blogger ‘A’ and Blogger ‘B’ where down my local pub for Sunday Roast this week – which was very nice 🙂 Also there were Jacs & Helen and Spence & Glenn. After gorging ourselves on stupidly large plates of Turkey and Beef dinners we opted for pudding and coffees too – The girls won a huge box of Milk Tray in the raffle and then Blagger’A’ and Blogger ‘B’ went to see Monsters Inc.
I enjoyed my night a lot snuggling on the sofa and watching sunday night TV after the movies and food with friends – a good end to a good weekend.

World AIDS Day and Scally’s Birthday Party

What a weekend 🙂

Friday saw me at the gingerbeer‘s lyrical lounge at the battersea barge. Had this been an event affiliated to a gay men’s website you would have had scantily clad men wandering around and lots of sexual innuendo. As it happens this was a lesbian affair so there was not so much nudity and they had talented musicians on stage.

Saturday saw me shopping for birthday presents for scally – I’d seen a t-shirt at the gap I wanted but other than that I had to resort to the wish list 🙁 Wandering around town on World AIDS Day it was good to see a lot of people with red ribbons and donating in collection boxes.

Saturday evening saw me at Spence‘s festive party which set the evening off well – lots to drink and more food than you could shake a stick at. It felt a bit early to be drinking mulled wine but hey it was alcoholic so why not.

Moving along the high Street to Scally’s Party and I walked in almost mistaking it for a work party – it felt like the entire office was there. They weren’t of course – not all of them were invited 😉

The least said about that party the better I think – although I do remember offering to convert a couple of the straight boys to the dark side and generally having a laugh and catching up with people I haven’t seen in ages. Nice to see Jonathan and Marky too – looking relaxed and tanned after their notahoneymoon and also matt and clare and max [even though he came close to the bone a few times and needed to really just get a room] plus a few other assorted individuals too numerous to mention. I realised that there is a very fine line between friendship and stuff.

chicken and dave crashed at mine – I eventually got to bed around 8 and so you can imagine most [well actually all] of sunday was a write off – we watched random TV programs and lusted after random TV people, from Will & Grace to Young Americans through Mutant X and Now & Then. We also pigged out on fried food as I had no food in the house at all worth eating. I then headed off to Streatham Odeon to watch Harry Potter – yes I know I haven’t read the books and I know I was really against seeing it but I figured I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I’ll sum it up for you. The advert for Monsters Inc which lasted around 2 minutes had more entertainment value [charades]than the entire 2 and a half hours of potter trash. Oh well I’ve seen it now and also saw the trailers for Attack of the clones and Lord of the Rings so was happy enough to vegetate in front of HP. Although the sniggering everytime an AOL Time Warner branding came on screen was kind of off putting through the trailers – they really are the borg you know!