okay well here is the deal

okay well here is the deal – in true dave-o stylee I am gonna do a quick week-end in hypertext? because all that gossip will just not fit into one post – and also because I actually have some work to do this morning – I only have 2 and a bit days of work left before my Singapore and Sydney trip.
friday: was my birthday, did very little at work, went out for drinks with scally here and then went back to his to watch this.
saturday: got a cab to waterloo to catch this, then arrived here for the week-end. drank way too much of this [well a cheaper french version actually], and had too little sleep.
sunday: got up late, missed breakfast, wandered around here, paid ?28 for 4 burgers, fries and drinks. arrived here and caught this back home. went online to visit here, here and here.