What is Bark?

“Bark is a lead generation service. ”

By that, I think they mean business based on unsolicited email.

“Customers tell us what they’re looking for and we put them in touch with local service providers to help get the job done.”

So they send a ton of emails for the same lead to a harvested email list.

“We usually charge a small fee for introductions and operate on a pay as you go basis but this one is completely free as we’ve approached you. It is essentially our way of introduction and your way of trying us out. We’re just hoping you give it a go and decide you would like to use us again in the future (of course that is completely up to you). There are no sign up fees, subscriptions or commissions”

Sadly they keep signing me up. Even though I’ve contacted them previously.

Today I sent them a GDPR access request in light of their email. They immediately sent me an email saying they had removed me from their database.

I replied and said I’d made an access request and I still expected a response in 30 days.

Let’s hope this makes them think twice about spamming people.

Although by the sounds of it spamming people is their business model.

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