With the news that you can now officially unlock your O2 iPhone so that it works with any SIM card from November 10th is great but of course you’ll need your IMEI and although on most phones you type *#06# on the keypad with the iPhone it’s easier to plug it into your computer and look in iTunes. Initially you will see your phone number and you just need to click this and the display cycles through to show your iPhone IMEI and then your ICCID before returning to your phone number.
If you are a pay monthly customer your iPhone can be unlocked at anytime free of charge. If you unlock your handset and place a non-O2 sim into it, you will still have to honour the remainder of the minimum term on your contract with O2. PAYG customers have to wait a while and pay a one off £15 fee. Details of how to do this for either option are available at the official O2 iPhone unlocking website – Unlock my iPhone

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