As mentioned in the top searches from 2008 on google top tens though work well as proven editorial technique alongside top trumps and image galleries.
So it’s no surprise that Yahoo have also created their top ten lists of searches for 2008 – although rather than being a zeitgeist they call it a buzz or year in review 2008.

No surprise either that the results are similar top ten news searches on yahoo in 2008;
1. Hurricanes
2. Caylee and Casey Anthony
3. Election 2008
4. Pakistan
5. Pregnant Man
6. China
7. Iraq
8. Shelley Malil
9. Patrick Swayze
10. Afghanistan

On a slightly more morbid note though they have the top 10 farewells as stated by yahoo

“Everyone’s time comes up sooner or later, and a personality’s passing prompts respect be paid to his or her legacy. Departures that shock the Web world-like that of wildlife expert and…”

1. Heath Ledger
2. Bernie Mac
3. Paul Newman
4. Randy Pausch
5. George Carlin
6. Estelle Getty
7. Tim Russert
8. Brad Renfro
9. Isaac Hayes
10. Boyd Coddington

Head on over to Yahoo Buzz the year in review 2008 for more top tens including the celebrity brat pack, economy, politicians and olympians.

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