Okay so you have a login for your machine in XP. You sign into any .NET account and it is bound to your machine login. So he .NET login is used for MSN Messenger. So if several people use your machine and sign into MSN Messenger, then their email addresses are added to the dropdown list presented when you come back and login later to any .NET application. At first this is not too much of an issue. Until you get to the point where youhave about 50 due to you letting work buddies log in to send a message. How to delete email addresses from that list for privacy reasons or otherwise is not obvious.

So here is my quick guide. In Control Panel, select User Accounts, click on your login account, click on the Advanced tab and then click Manage Passwords. You should now be presented with a list of accounts, which are the accounts listed in the .NET login. And a Remove button. Highlight the ones you don’t want and hit the Remove button.

Easy – not ;o)

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