Okay so I know I rant a fair bit but really. Some people seem to have no idea that there is anything going on around them
So there is the morning commuter moving towards the barrier and then stops to get their ticket out not realiing there is a mass of people already with their tickets out waiting to get through the gate and up to the platform. The morning commuter going at their own pace up the stairs regardless of the many hundreds trying to pass them to get onto the train that’s pulling into the platform.
The morning commuter that simply stops at the top of the stairs to check their phone messages and causes a jam – despite the huge KEEP CLEAR signs painted on the floor there.
The person that insists on stopping an dstanding right by the door and making everyone behind them squeeze past to get into the train.

Good journey into work this morning then? NO! That was only train one from Balham to Clapham Junction.

Oh but wait then there are the rude people who travel as a unit and cannot be seperated for an instant. On the train from Clapham Junction to Kensington Olympia there was a family. A rude one at that. They simply decided to take up the entire doorway with prams luggage and stand around themselves. God help anyone else who tried to board or squeeze past them. The tirade of fury that was spat out was unbelievable. Imagine during rush hour other people wanting to get onto the train. Imagine during rush hour the train being overcrowded.
Still thankfully they looked like they had been on their one early morning train journey this year and wouldn’t manage another for some time. Well not at that time of day anyway. Morning travel is normally reserved for those with jobs and places to be…

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