Okay so I slept through most of yesterdays events. Other than waking for the odd text from far flung friends and family checking I was okay.
I watched events unfold during waking moments and was as horrified as I was in a similar situation (off work and ill) in 2001 during the awful bombings in New York.
The major difference I think is this time with more and more people having blogs and using image sharing tools like flickr and YGP there seems to be a lot of people using the event to boost their popularity. Taking screengrabs of websites and uploading them to a photo-sharing site or picture stills from TV. Yes if you were there uploading pics of the scene or how it affected you. That’s the kind of pictures I want to see, personal views of how it affected people. Like the bloggers in New York describing the events on the day and pictures out of peoples windows. That was in some ways more informative than any of the news channels. Regurgitating someone elses work and adding your name to it seems a little, well, rude.
There is now even a group pool on flickr. Not content with having 9/11 now we need to have yesterdays horrific events shortened to the brandtastic 7/7.
Screengrabs and TV stills aside there is very little shown of London and how it continued in the face of such adversity.

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