So if you have ever used eBay to search for a tee shirt or any other clothing I’m sure you have come across the phrase ‘possible gay int?‘. I’m slightly confused. Do they think this item of clothing will be more fashionable to the rest of the world because gay people are allegedly more fashion conscious? Do they think that gay people need the added label to let them know it will be fine to wear it down the pub on a friday and no one will mistake them for straight?

You see I was looking for some new adidas trainers for an upcoming run. I thought I should probably get some new shorts too when I came across some with the headline ‘Adidas White 3 stripe shorts (med) poss gay int?’ I couldn’t help but think what the gay interest may be. Anyway Needless to say I didn’t bid. I’d rather buy just regular Adidas White 3 stripe shorts.

What’s with the question mark too? Are they not sure if it is of interest to gays? Is there no one they could ask? I’m going to set up a helpline/email for ebay sellers who are unsure. They could just ring or email to confirm if it is ‘gay int’ and then they can dispense with thte possible and question mark!