On Nov. 2, Ohio will vote on Issue 1, a state constitutional amendment that purports to simply ban same-sex marriage but actually goes much further. It essentially removes rights that one would think are human. If you thought Section 28 in the UK was bad then you should read all about the new laws sweeping the states. In Ohio it will mean that possibly legal rights of co-parents will be removed or nullified.
It smacks of bigotory and makes a mockery of a country that claims to stand for freedom.
Is it any wonder then that some savvy Australians have decided they have had enough of bigotory and hatred and decided to set up their own country?
Maybe the Americans should follow suit. Utah has long been the reserve of the Mormons. Maybe all gay people in the US should move to one state. Reform all the hateful laws and live in peace.
Oh but wait. President (and lets hope not for long) Bush will probably prevent local laws from allowing such abhorrent behaviour. Imagine living with someone you love and sharing the same legal rights as the moral majority.