I go to Clapham Picturehouse quite a lot now I’ve discovered how nice it is and that it’s local too. So when the picturehouse group opened a new cinema by work (Olympia Cinema) I decided to go check it out. Last weekend was the opening weekend so along with lots of other people in the know I was invited to a sneak preview of The Stepford Wives.

The Olympia Cinema is actually the conference centre with a screen at the weekends. Nice enough but not as cosy as a real cinema.

The Stepford Wives was kind of the same. Nice enough but not a patch on the original. This version is a comedy but unlike it’s alter ego was lacking the black humour and suspense. I’ll not spoil the plot since it doesn’t open for another couple of weeks but one point where they mention AOL had the whole cinema (excluding me) laughing.
Well worth going but don’t expect suspense or to be thrilled.