So last night around midnight what sounded like a car alarm went off – but it was a continuous noise. It went on for a while and even had me wondering if Du Cane had a fire alarm system we were unaware of! So then again there was a noise and a bit of crashing, it was just outside Matt’s room – a car outside – the horn went and i thought it was an alarm again and then it kind of died so i got up after about 10 minutes of it and looked out to see the car was on fire.
So I thought woo hoo you know what happens with fires. The fire brigade turn up 😉
So then the fire engine arrived and four nice firemen came out and put the fire out. Then a police van and a few nice policemen and then a police car.
They put it out and then all stood around chatting for a while. If you were into uniforms then you would have had trouble getting back to sleep!