62 Years

That’s how long my Nana and Grandad have lived in their house in Walton, Liverpool. It’s a long time to live somewhere, almost double my life.
They are moving this weekend to a flat in Crosby to be nearer my Mum and Dad. It’s also sheltered housing so hopefully it will make it a bit easier on all concerned knowing that there will always be someone around to help in an emergency or a friend to play bingo with.
It’s a frightening thought though. I was just thinking how much upheaval it would be for me to move now. I have been considering moving for a few months.
Over the past 3 and a half years I have lived in Streatham I have made some new friends around the corner and really settled into the area. More I think, than any other area I lived in [except maybe Soho].
Imagine if I was still in this flat in 2060. That’s essentially what I am working towards. Would you be happy living where you are now in another 58 years? Do you expect to still be around for that matter!
I can only imagine the changes my grandparents have lived through. From when Liverpool was still a thriving port, before the TV companies and posh flats and restaurants had moved into the docklands area.
I hope they will be as happy in their new home, somehow though I can’t help but think that even if it is only through habit they will find it strange for a long time.