Tom has this theory that Six Feet Under is Dallas under any other name…
I kid you not. His reasoning behind this?

Tom: Two brothers
Tom: one is cool
Tom: one is not
Iain: LOL
Tom: one’s wife is a nightmare
Tom: from a dodgy family
Tom: they bicker about the family business
Tom: after the patriarch died
Tom: the mother is the stabilising force
Tom: the sister’s a pain in the arse who shags everything
Tom: tthere’s an evil company that they’re competing with
Tom: blah blah blah
Tom: and most significantly
Tom: we have an explanation for why JR was always so bitter and desperate to prop up his sexuality
Tom: because he was a big nellie.

I’l still be taping it on September 9th for all the people who don’t have E4 though.

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