I had some old friends for dinner. Kate ‘Lightning’ who used to drink at La Rue’s and work at Foyles was home from teaching in Egypt in order to marry her fiancee whom we have nicknamed ‘Thunder’. Jacs and Helen were invited too and also FF [Ian] who also used to work at Foyles and drink in the bar. So it was a bit like a school reunion feeling really. Still it was a really pleasant evening interspersed with glances of disbelief from 4 of us as Thunder and Lightning put on a show 😉
Even if I do say so myself the food was good – if a little plentiful.
We started with some nibbles of Crispy Peking Duck and some duck and plum parcels. Just to while away the time whilst I was preparing things in the kitchen.
The appetiser was seared tuna steaks with a home made mango and capsicum salsa and we followed that with a chargrilled chicken breast ceasar salad.
Unfortunately this meant there was little room left for the Tart au citron and fresh berries or the cheese and biscuits later. Still not to worry all the left overs went down a storm at work the following day!
Thunder and Lightning left earlyish which left the rest of us to catch up and gossip. It was lovely but ever so grown up!