okay I’ve had quite enough of this scouse bashing for one week. what with rob’s link to en-scouse and then Andrew sends me a mail today [he is coming to Liverpool with me at the weekend with sprogg] saying he has been teaching sprogg some of the scouse verbs he will need.

to nick

to scouse

to steal

to acquire

to shoplift

to ramraid

to joyride

to deck’em one

and then useful phrases like;

‘aiii! sof-lad!’


‘are iain’


‘is that your car [sonny]’


he forgot to mention to pack his sportskit though – more footy gear than a sports and shorts night!

4 Replies to “en-scouse”

  1. okay well ramraid – it’s where a scouser drives a car [usually stolen for the purpose] into a shop window [or bank] and then legs it with all the goods and money.

    It became so prevelant that it is not unusual to see large metal poles or concrete blocks preventing driving near shop windows.

  2. oh, I’VE done that. yay! i’m a scouser too, mate!

    i actually think y’all treat scousers the way we treat people from the far north, like the U.p., but that’s another conversation for another time.

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