I received an email over the weekend – to add more complication to my life 😉

Needless to say I haven’t filled in any of my crushes – [yes I know it’s SPAM] – so looks like I will never know who it was.

So come on then spammers try harder next time!

Email follows;

Guess what… you’ve

got a secret admirer!

Want to find out who it is? Just click to http://www.CrushLink.com

Email address: removed

Invitation code: removed

Make sure you enter in this information exactly as shown above.

See you soon!


The Crush Master

PS. This is not junk email. You’ve received it because someone you know

came to CrushLink and confessed an interest in you! Maybe it was that hottie

from English class or the cute one at the party last weekend or maybe–well,

we can’t even give you a hint until you come to CrushLink.com.

PPS. If you do not wish to receive any more of these messages from CrushLink,

please visit http://www.CrushLink.com/block.php3