spam (again)

Would you even consider dealing with a company that uses the worst english in the world to try and avoid spam filters?

This pitiful attempt did make it into my inbox today –

In creeease your quality of life through Huuumaaan Groowth Hooormooone and Test ossssteroone The raaaapy.

We have fullly liicenseed m ediicaal faciiliiiities, all oooordwwrs are filllled by US Phaaa rmaciiiieees, ffDaa Appppproveeeed, and reviiewed by Booard Certiiified Doooctoraaaa.

Don’t be fooooled by imiiitatioon proooducts out on the maarket. Our proooograms are cliinicalllly proven to reeeeduuuce booody faat, increeeease s eexuaal perform aaaance and reeeeduce the efffffects of agiiinnnng. These are not prooooducts you can puuuurchase in the stoores, they are only admiiiinisterrrred by liiicenseeed dooooc Tor’s and p haaaarm aciies.

Each of our cllllients willll be in contact with our liiiicensed phyyyysiiiicians to determine the best proooogram for them. To receiive more in formaaation on our prooograms and theeraapy please filllll out our shoort fooorm and we willll contact you back as soon as we get a chance to reviiiew your suuubmissssion foorm