Ace Christmas Presents

Amongst the many fabulous presents I got this year three stand out – well actually loads do but three I’m going to mention anyway! One was Change the World for a Fiver: We Are What We Do. It’s an excellent book well worth the fiver and a great gift for birthdays and secret santa’s alike. A few of the 50 tasks I already did/do. Like turning off the tap whilst brushing my teeth. Others I haven’t done yet but am now going to.
Everyone should own one of these books and do the tasks.

Another great gift was a new alarm clock. Yes I know doesn’t sound exciting. It’s a CD player and a radio and it’s from the gadget shop. Oh and plus it has two alarms for those days when I might have more than one person in my bed ;o)

Finally the gift I bought myself! Latter Days (REGION 1 so you need multi region if you live in the UK). I bought the book and read that first. So the next step was to buy the movie. I’d been thinking about it since April last year anyway. I laughed. I cried. I wanted to watch it again immediately.

Disturbingly for the fourth year in a row I’ve been given a decision maker of some sort. The last two years have been gadget shop magic 8 balls. Does someone think I’m indecisive?
Lots of other cool stuff too. But hey, I’m off to play with them now!