lion king

The first two minutes of The Lion King took my breath away. As soon as you realise you need to look all around the theatre, above you and behind you to take in the full effect it overwhelms the senses.

I was always going to like the score. I like my beat music. Safri Duo are one of my favourite bands. So the fact that the percussion and drums were above us on both sides in what were once boxes was amazing.

The costumes and masks that are really hats are great. Scar’s was cantilevered, so that it swang forward menacingly. The other animals are brilliant too with wheels, masks, extensions to body parts and traditional costumes all pulling together to make a great effect.

I hadn’t seen the movie so didn’t know the story but quickly realised it was a kids musical. Shame then that the prices were so steep. Tickets not discounted for kids and extortionate pricing of drinks and snacks spoiled what was otherwise a magical evening.