Perfect Holiday

It was billed as Perfect Holiday

“Can three travel experts determine your perfect holiday from the contents of your wardrobe? This week Russell Amerasekera, Simon Calder and Jennifer Cox sneak into the Blackpool home of local singer Fiona Teal. After surprising her in Blackpool Tower with the news that she’d been nominated, Fiona’s off on a VIP tour of Hollywood and Las Vegas ending in her fulfilling a lifetime’s ambition. ”

What it turned out ot be was car crash TV, TV so bad you couldn’t help but watch.

So the premise is some poor soul with a hard life is nominated by a friend for a dream holiday. So we ask the person where they want to go? No that would be too simple. We break into their house rifle around when they are not there snoop through their private things with a film crew and generally take the piss out their awful taste.
Then we ignore all the Disney memorabilia and decide to send them to… Las Vegas.

They end up going to Hollywood, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. However the campest presenter (Russell Amerasekera) in the world with the worst dress sense ever goes with them – so we are now wondering who’s holiday this really is, the poor person with bad life (plus friend) or the campest presenter ever.
Then we have to put up with Russell saying every ten seconds ‘so I’ve decided to take them here’ or ‘I’ve decided to buy them this’ where what I think he meant was “I’m spending your license fee on taking them here” and “I’m spending your license fee buying them this”.

Then finally after making her recount her awful life story (although the holiday was so she could forget all about it) they get all sickly and make her get up on stage in Las Vegas and sing in front of a thousand strangers. Very relaxing, very dream holiday.

Awful Awful Awful TV.

It made me want to rip up my license fee and send it back to the BBC and sell my TV.

Where did they find that awful presenter and can they send him back immediately please before he becomes popular with the masses. During the show his clothes went from awful to ridiculous, someone buy that man a mirror!

Oh and also the poor northern women 🙂 She says ‘ooh what would your wife think’ – does she have no clue? the campest man in the world is more likely to be a wife bless!