All tied up

I spent most of the day lying on the floor being tied up. Yes it was the third of my four days of British Red Cross first aid training. Next week is the exam. There are 22 of us in the group and I think today we all gelled a lot more – we had more role playing to do and I think we all felt a lot more confident.
I was just glad they didn’t give us fish again for lunch 🙂
The police are still outside the house in the road to the side of my flat. Now they have a crime scene evidence van too. I’m tempted to go and take some pictures but wonder if the police might object.
Watched 10am-12pm of 24 series 1 on BBC Choice. Andrew came round to help me finish last nights Indian takeaway and then the plan was to go to the 2 brewers. He fell asleep so I watched TV and pottered around.