oh my god – blog

oh my god – blog extravagansa this evening sorry – I wish people would stop talking about christmas. Now I have been thinking about what I am going to buy myself – now although I am a complete abercrombie whore I don’t think I will be making a trip to the states so I was thinking a little nearer home. GAP maybe? Although I just saw a book I want [0789301385] and I really do not need any more clothes. Oh my god commercialism at it’s best and it is still nearly 2 months away…

oh yeah and I am

oh yeah and I am still looking at web cam sites – call me a voyeur if you like [i am] but you can’t tell me there isn’t a market for it. I mean there are thousands of them out there. I would put mine on but
a. it’d break the bank keeping it online
b. who would wanna watch me sleep?
c. i’d have to make my bed in the morning
only reason I can see for it is so that I could keep an eye on my very straightacting dog.